Recreate Fresh, Healthy, Outdoor Air Inside

Imagine being able to plug in a device that can reduce staph, flu and other harmful viruses and bacteria as well as dangerous mold species in your facility by over 99 percent in a matter of hours,* all while generating naturally fresh air.

fda-approvedThe Odorox ® Hydroxyl Air Processor accomplishes this feat naturally without harsh chemicals or easily-clogged filters. Odorox does not mask or hide odors and pathogens – it eliminates them. It’s even FDA approved.

Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processor Advantages

  • FDA approved for use in medical facilities
  • Eliminates strong odors from the air, structure and contents
  • Proven in harsh disaster-recovery use
  • Patented and exclusive technology
  • No installation or daily maintenance
  • Models available to handle a wide range of facility sizes
  • Operates using less than 2 amps
  • No harsh chemicals or harmful by products
  • Safe for people, plants, pets and other sensitive materials
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Models meet UL 507 and CSA C22.2 standards
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Recreating Mother Nature’s Secret

Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processors use patented technology to replicate a naturally occurring process. In the atmosphere, hydroxyls are generated when sunlight shines on water vapor. Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processors use the same process to neutralize harsh odor and reduce harmful pathogens.

In fact, independent laboratory tests prove that Odorox dramatically reduces many harmful microbes and bacteria not only in the air, but also on hard and soft surfaces* – it treats contents and materials as well as the air. Odorox works far more effectively than filters or chemicals. It’s the natural hands-free way to clean and sanitize.

Help Prevent Bad Air

Odorox is an ideal preventative solution for educational and healthcare facilities where people and pathogens don’t mix well. An Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processor can also help safeguard the health and productivity of your work or learning environment. And it’s safe for people, pets, plants and sensitive materials.

* Independent laboratory tests showed a 99+% reduction of influenza A virus on glass and cotton fabric, and a 99+% reduction of E. coli and staphylococcus aureus on stainless steel and cotton fabric in less than 8 hours with an Odorox ® Mobile Disinfection Unit (MDU ® ) Hydroxyl Generator. See for details.

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