Choosing the Right Hotel

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June 15, 2015
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Choosing the Right Hotel

hotel odor and bacteria removalFor many, the stress of traveling whether from fear of flying or just an exhausting trip oftentimes makes us desperate to relax and get settled in a clean, comfortable room immediately upon arriving at our hotel.  Hopefully you put as much time and effort into choosing a hotel as you do planning your activities or schedule, but it can be challenging to find a temporary “home away from home.”  Smoking or non-smoking? Is this place really clean? Do they offer allergy-free rooms? These and many more are important factors to picking the right hotel and room for you.

Have you ever reserved a non-smoking room and the minute you enter the room you are met with that unexpected cigarette odor?  Or your floor is non-smoking but the hallway or elevator reeks?  While hotels do their best to segregate smokers from non, there’s always someone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them and will ruin it for everyone else.  A foul odor often gives guests the perception that the property is dirty. Some leading hotel chains are now taking proactive steps to prevent issues like this.  The deployment of an Odorox® commercial model will eliminate any smoke odor in the air and contents like carpet, drapes, furniture, etc. in a matter of hours, allowing for hotels to keep rooms in service and even convert smoking rooms to non, providing a completely smoke and odor free environment … exactly what a guest expects upon arrival.

Guests with allergies or chemical/bacteria sensitivities have a similar problem when traveling:  how can I trust that my room was cleaned properly and the cleaning agents are non-harmful?  Several hotels now offer programs such as Pure Allergy-Friendly hotel rooms at Hilton Hotels.  According to their website, these rooms include:

  • Sanitized heater and air conditioner, further treated with PURE Tea Tree Oil
  • Cleansed and sanitized soft surfaces, to eliminate contaminants that trigger allergies
  • PureShield application on all surfaces, to minimize the growth of bacteria
  • One-time shock treatment, to remove any remaining allergy triggers, and to eliminate room odors
  • In-room medical grade air purification system, with up to 5 levels of filtration for maximum air quality
  • Microfiber pillow cases and mattress covers, to eliminate dust and dander associated with bedding

The Odorox® commercial series is used in many prominent hotels to control different bacteria and odor issues.  Hotels also deploy the Odorox® machines throughout the property, including the loading dock to prevent nuisance trash odors from migrating back into the hotel corridors.  Other hotel properties also use Odorox® machines in linen rooms to keep sheets and towels fresh while they are being stored between uses.  Before choosing a hotel, it is recommended that guests thoroughly research the different room options and programs in place, as well as ALWAYS read customer reviews!

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