The Latest Sanitizing Technology for Restaurants

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June 22, 2015
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The Latest Sanitizing Technology for Restaurants

restaurant bacteria removalHave you ever walked into a restaurant and quickly noticed an obvious cleanliness issue?  Many would walk out right away never to return.  However, assuming you don’t see anything blatantly worrisome, most would precede with their meal plans feeling comfort that the place seems clean … “how bad could it be?”  Now what if I told you the cobweb in the corner or the dirty carpet were the least of your worries …

Very often, areas that look dirty and throw up immediate warning signs may be inconsequential – the areas of most concern usually go unnoticed by patrons:  the tongs at the salad bar that may have some dressing left on them are far less likely to make you sick than the salt and pepper shakers, the lemon wedge in your diet soda, or even the chair you sit on to eat your meal.  According to a study by ABC News, these often contain the highest germ and bacteria counts in restaurants.  You always hope that the prep area/kitchen and the bathroom are constantly cleaned and sanitized, but in reality, you’re lucky if this is done more than once throughout the day.  The bottom line is most restaurants are too busy to effectively clean during business hours (and even many that are not too busy will find another excuse – laziness of employees, etc.).

Restaurants can alleviate these concerns without any additional cleaning by staff …

The Odorox® technology is one of the best tools you can have in the fight to keep your restaurant clean.  The machines can be wall or strategically positioned on the floor depending on the model for continuous cleaning throughout the restaurant.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the first place that a restaurant should consider installing these units, but the use of the Odorox® Hydroxyl Generators will effectively improve indoor air quality, provide more thorough sanitization, and eliminate any nuisance odors wherever they are installed.  A restaurant in Bayside, New York even has a machine in their Sushi Bar to help keep their fish fresh and bacteria free, as well as reduce the odor for patrons who may be sensitive to the aroma of raw fish.

Many other well-known New York City restaurants and markets also deploy Odorox® technology in various locations:

  1. SanX™ models deployed in the Meat and Seafood prep areas – reduce bacteria and viruses on surfaces
  2. Slimline™ models in the Cheese Departments – effectively reduce and contain the aroma of some of the more pungent cheeses, which in turn eliminates the concern of pests, flies, etc.
  3. Larger Boss™ models in the trash rooms to prevent any unpleasant odors from escaping

Many other restaurants use Odorox® mobile units that they store during the day and bring out to run overnight in the dining rooms to help eliminate any germs that the nightly wipe down may have missed on surfaces such as salt and pepper shakers, condiment bottles, or chairs and bench seats.  While this patented technology will never eliminate the need for physical cleaning, deployed properly, Odorox® Hydroxyl Generators can be a huge asset anywhere in a restaurant and make your visit healthier and more enjoyable.

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