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August 5, 2015
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odor and bacteria removal schoolsWith the rise in popularity of the smaller urban area, small cities have been looking for solutions to maximize the space they have for both commercial and residential properties. The best compromise seems to be high rise buildings with commercial properties on the ground level and apartments or condo units on the upper floors. These hybrid-use buildings can come with some challenges, especially if some of the base businesses include restaurants that produce a lot of waste.

A common solution to the trash issue is for the building to have one or multiple trash rooms, and some even have garbage chutes in the apartment sections for resident use. The only issue with the trash room is the smell when garbage builds up before being picked up. This smell can travel out of the room in many ways – up the chute into the apartment section, out the door when it is opened into the corridors for the businesses bringing in their trash, and out of the room when the garbage is being picked up for removal. There is also the possibility for unpleasant odor in the chute itself, especially if a trash bag breaks on the way down or if a resident doesn’t use a trash bag at all and residue sticks to the sides of the chute itself.

So how does building management contain the odors?

While there is no way to 100% eliminate the smells in a trash room as garbage is constantly being introduced, there are ways of lessening the odor and containing it to the room itself. The best way is through the use of Odorox Hydroxyl Generators. By placing one machine in the trash room near the bottom of the trash chute, making sure it is blowing up the chute, and one at the top of the chute blowing down, you can ensure that no odors from the trash chute will escape into the hallways when opened for about 40 stories of building height.

Even for an individual business’s standalone trash room an Odorox machine will not only eliminate odor, but also the flies, rodents and other pests that are attracted to the garbage odor. This leads to not only a better smelling business, but a cleaner one as well, eliminating the need for unsightly fly and pest traps. This technology also works very well for recycling rooms, compactor rooms, grease traps and anywhere else that may have a strong, unpleasant odor.

Odorox Technology is ideal for spaces that are difficult to regularly get in and out of as well because the maintenance on the machines is only once per year as opposed to up to every few days for some systems that need to be refilled with chemicals or have their water reservoir changed. As long as you have an electrical outlet and airflow in the room, Odorox technology will do its part to keep the room odor free.

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