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August 18, 2015
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Any responsible pet owner will tell you that going to the vet is one of the necessities of owning a pet. Choosing a vet involves a lot of factors including proximity, comfort level with the Vets themselves, as well as comfort level with the facility. In case you didn’t know, most animals do not like going to the vet, many get extremely nervous to the point where they lose control of their bladder or get sick – no one wants to walk into a building and immediately smell this.

Some pet parents also end up looking for a place to send their pets when they go to work, on vacation or have a family emergency. This is where boarding kennels and doggy daycares come into play. With so many dogs in such close proximity, the potential for sickness to spread is very high. Any reputable business will require certain vaccinations (rabies, kennel cough, canine influenza), but as with human vaccines they do not cover every strain of each illness.

Things to look for when deciding on a place to frequent with your furry family member include:

  • Attendants at overnight facilities – Will there be someone there 24/7 if you’re boarding your pet in case of an emergency? If not, how far away is the closest person on call and how will they know if something goes wrong?
  • Condition of kennels/crates for downtime – Are they clean or are they excessively stained? Do they have a slotted or grated tray over the bottom in case of accidents, or will your pet be in the crate with their waste?
  • Accessibility of cleaning products – Is there a cleaning supply closet or shelf nearby, or will an employee have to go to the other side of the building to get supplies, leaving the mess for even longer?

Odorox Air Technologies® products can help keep any animal facility a little cleaner and a little healthier for everyone involved. By continuously running this FDA approved technology most germs, odors and bacteria can at least be kept under control if not eliminated to help prevent the spread of contagious disease as well as unpleasant odors that can occur in any kennel, vet office, or doggy daycare center.

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