Daycare – Choosing the Best for your Child’s Health

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Daycare – Choosing the Best for your Child’s Health

Go on any Mommy Blog or discussion website and the question of daycare always comes up. “What are the best daycares in my area?” Parents want to know about teaching styles, policies, pricing and above all, cleanliness.  Parents who send their kids to daycare (either by choice or by necessity) expect their children to get sick -with so many babies and toddlers together, sharing toys and space, it seems inevitable.

So how do I keep sickness to a minimum for my daycare child? The first step is always to look at the policies of the center you’re sending your child to. How many times a day do they sanitize the toys and other shared items? When is it required for caregivers and teachers to wash their hands? Do they have hand sanitizer available for in between washings? Do they take a toy away after one child has been chewing on it until it can be cleaned? What are any symptoms a child may have that require them to be kept home, or sent home during the day? These are the obvious questions that most websites and experienced parents will tell you to ask.

But what about the building itself?  The most common bacteria spread around daycares are the bacteria that cause ear infections – Streptococcus pneumoniae (also called pneumococcus), Haemophilus influenzae, and Moraxella catarrhalis. According to the CDC, pneumococcus is becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant as well as common in daycare centers and can lead to bacterial meningitis if not treated properly. How many times have you heard a parent say “oh, it’s just allergies” – most of the time, the germs from a coughing/sneezing child are likely the result of a cold or infection?  Most centers will do routine cleaning of surfaces during nap time and/or after care hours are over, but what can be done to provide a cleaner environment?

Odorox® Hydroxyl Air Processors can continuously clean the air and surfaces inside the building just by turning on the machine and letting it run all day. This lets caregivers have more time to focus on the children and more immediate issues, such as the child with the runny nose chewing on the blocks and then trying to share.  While this technology will not replace traditional cleaning altogether, it is the perfect tool to reduce the chance of spreading virus and bacteria during the busiest times of the day.

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