Poor indoor air quality and “sick building syndrome” are bi-products of world’s attempts to be more energy efficient. We seal up our windows and doors and purchase high end material to not waste energy. An unforeseen circumstance is that our homes have very little, to no fresh air. Allergens, VOCs, musty spaces, mold can all contribute to poor quality of air in our homes

Odorox patented technology re-creates what our atmosphere does naturally indoors to remove pollutants, irritants and improve overall indoor air quality. Bring that fresh air smell from your last trip to the lake house into your home.


Disaster Restoration:

Disaster restoration companies are challenged with cleaning up some very intense indoor environments resulting from fire, flood, sewer back-up, biohazard and fuel spills. Eliminating odors, VOC, mold, pathogens and other pollutants from air, surfaces, and contents in a safe and timely fashion is critically important for these businesses.

The industry gold standard for safely and effectively eliminating commercial grade odor, pathogen and fungal species for over 10 years is Odorox. Just ask our customers.



Today more than ever there is an emphasis on not just the food, ambiance, service, energy at a restaurant but the overall sense cleanliness very much proves to make a strong impression on a diner. Restaurants that proactively address areas within their establishment to eliminate nuisance odor, pathogens and improve overall indoor air quality are more likely to leave customers with a positive dining experience

In restrooms, bar, prep areas, kitchen and dining rooms chemical sprays and liquids that cover up problems are approaches of the past. And no matter how hard staff attempts to clean there will always be places that get missed. Odorox harnesses the power of the sun to restore the balance® inside restaurants by doing what nature does naturally to bring a fresh air dining experience indoors

Medical/Child Care:

First impressions are everything. A foul odor can give the immediate impression that a hospital, assisted living, long term care, emergency vehicle; day care facility is not accomplishing all of its goals to keep the facility or vehicle to the highest of cleanliness standards. Despite exhausting efforts to clean and deodorize it is difficult to deliver on a regular basis

Clean and deodorize large volume areas with natural, green technology requiring little to no maintenance and is easy to use. Mobile units can be brought out to address emergencies or permanent units can be kept in place for consistent issues. A business taking these types of steps to ensure a cleaner indoor environment is going to be more attractive to a potential new customer

Schools, Universities, Colleges:

Odorox is patented green technology to de-odorize, remove pathogens and improve overall indoor air quality inside College and University buildings. For locker rooms, below grade spaces, restrooms, fitness centers, emergency clean-ups etc Odorox® is the most accomplished technology for the job. The units are easy operate, require little to no maintenance and can be mobile or permanently installed. Odorox® staff is also available to provide free, on-site consultation to help identify areas on campus that could stand to benefit from the deployment of Odorox® equipment.

Real Estate:

Residential and commercial properties are often challenges with various odor concerns that can reduce the value of the property or even make it unsellable. Odorox technology can safely and effectively remove cooking, pet, smoke, must, manufacturing and other unpleasant aromas from air, surfaces and contents. Many times contents originally thought unsalvageable can be saved.



  • 100% Green, Patented, state-of-the-art Technology. Market hotel as “going green”
  • Hydroxyls are singularly the most important naturally occurring molecule in our atmosphere for eliminating VOC’s, chemical odors and other offensive smells
  • Trusted by top restoration specialists to handle even the most challenging of odor concerns
  • Replaces Ozone and other unsafe odor control products. Improved safety for guests and employees
  • Staff may safely operate the equipment while conducting additional in room cleaning
  • Will not damage sensitive contents in room like rubber, vinyl, leather, electronics, upholstery, artwork
  • Will not bleach contents in moist environments
  • Safely removes odor and other in room irritants from all in room contents including dry wall, carpets, drapes, furniture etc
  • No lingering ozone smell
  • Secure more positive online reviews regarding in-room hotel cleanliness
  • Especially great for allergy friendly hotels
  • Simple to use and maintain

Ideal applications:

  • Smoking room conversions
  • De-odorize common areas ie. hallways, elevators, pool area, gym, kitchen, basement, ballrooms
  • Eliminates cooking, pet and smoke odors
  • Emergency clean up including sewer smell, guest illness, small fire/smoke damage, flood

Odorox patented technology is the only safe and environmentally friendly de-odorization and clean room system for the hospitality industry. Trusted by top restoration companies nationwide, Odorox’s natural hydroxyl generating technology will remove nuisance odors and other in-room irritants in air and on surfaces. For as little as $$/month guests will enjoy a more comfortable night stay and staff will work more efficiently and safely in an ozone free setting.

Added benefits:

  • Convert smoking rooms, hallways and other common areas
  • Reduce in room allergens
  • Secure more positive on-line reviews on hotel cleanliness
  • Market your hotel property as “going green”
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