Introducing the Odorox Boss hydroxyl air processor designed to assist luxury hotel brands in their efforts to naturally and effectively eliminate unwanted odors and lurking pathogens.

Why luxury hotel brands choose the Odorox Boss

  • Replaces outdated technology like ionizers, ozone, filters, sprays. These are dangerous, masking agents or plain old ineffective
  • Effectively de-odorize and decontaminate air, contents, and surfaces: Drapes, carpet, furniture, drywall, linens included!
  • Keep more rooms in-service
  • Save time and money on carpet and dry cleaning services
  • Provide a cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable in-room environment
  • Ensure positive online reviews and social media posts
  • Trusted by professional sports teams, luxury hotel brands, prominent hospitals, certified restoration crews, exclusive restaurant groups and elite colleges and Universities nationwide

eco-friendly 99percent

Odorox Boss HTL

Contact our hospitality manager Dave Matisoff for more details or to place your order

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