Servicing your Odorox unit

Despite the relative simplicity of deploying and operating our patented line of Odorox® hydroxyl generators you may be surprised to know the inner workings of the technology is quite sophisticated. Many years of R & D and field data created a one of a kind environment inside of our equipment that combines multiple wavelength UV technology with biomimetic science to create a meaningful hydroxyl that “cleans at a distance”. The critical catalyst to this entire process is the patented quartz crystal optic. This is the power source responsible for generating Mother Nature’s broom, the HO hydroxyl molecule. These critical elements have a finite lifecycle not unlike a standard light bulb, or battery. In order to ensure the continued effectiveness of your Odorox® hydroxyl generators, manufacturer guidelines suggest that the optics be replaced every 12-18 months (depending on usage).call today for more info and to learn about this month’s discounts.


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