As the President of the NJ School Buildings and Grounds Association (NW Chapter), Buildings and Grounds Supervisor at Rockaway Twp BOE and New Jersey Association of Designated Persons- EPA 2010 Connector Award for innovations in IAQ- NJDOH/PEOSH IAQ Trainer I run into many indoor air quality concerns. Unpleasant odor in classrooms, nurses offices, storage areas are extremely common and cause both students and staff to complain while interrupting their day. Providing Odorox equipment in these problem areas eliminates these issues quickly and effectively making my job a lot easier.
Arthur Pierfy
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Rockaway Township School District


The unit performed easily and successfully. I would recommend the Odorox wholeheartedly.
George Myles
Director, Housekeeping Services


Thanks to Odorox and the Hydroxyl system. We continued to be amazed at it’s capabilities
and effectiveness.
James Palmieri

General Manager
Allpro Cleaning & Restoration Services


Our clients and volunteers commented on
the difference. We are so grateful for these machines. They work so well and solved our problem!
Aimee Huber, Executive Director
First Choice Women’s Resource Centers


I would like to thank you for introducing our hotel to your green technlogy for odor elimination.
Lilly Sirkin, Head of Housekeeping Services


I wish I was
more scientific about our results but the proof is clearly in the Hydroxyl MDU unit…….. Test one today,
the results will last a lifetime!
Dennis Osborne


I have gotten nothing but rave reviews from adjusters who want to implement the Hydroxyl system on more
restoration jobs.
Jim Palmieri, General Manager
Allpro Restoration Services


I have to let you know how happy we are with the results we achieved with the use of ODOROX
Timothy Devine
EMS Restoration Corp


Thank goodness you provided us with the Hydroxyl Odor Processor. We have had this machine operating for the
48 hours and the house is now odor free.
We would highly recommend this machine to eliminate smoke and other nasty smells.
Linda & Will
Private User


I am truly amazed at the difference this machine has made.
Heidi Stroh
Private User


This is definitely going to eliminate the need for some of the other so called deodorizing machines. I am next looking forward to trying the MDU unit in the Health Care Industry. We are very excited about these products and their uses.
Jeff Skrilow, CR, WLS
Damage Control, Inc.


The Boss Hydroxyl Generator works wonderfully and we are very happy with our choice
Ari Ellis, President
David Ellis Real Estate


In only 5 days over Thanksgiving
weekend, the Odorox units completely removed the cigarette odor, the paint odor and nothing was left inside the home.This will definitely help with a fast turnaround to a new renter
Cliff Berger
Private User


odor and bacteria were all eliminated. I can only imagine the multitude of applications this product could be used for.It is light, easy to move and is quiet to operate. Thanks to The Boss, we were able to complete our restoration. Thanks for bringing such a great product to market!
Mary Freedman
Private User


We have become confident in the use of Odorox technology, its safety, strength,and application.We would recommend anyone in the restoration business to explore the use of it.
Ed Longanecker
Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company


Being there are 1o businesses employing over 300 people in this facility, it was important to use the Odorox hydroxyl generators and keep the business operating normally.
Steve Buth, Building Supervirsor
MultiBand Tower


I was very skeptical when I first heard about your product line at the Toronto show. Truthfully it is impossible to believe that you can simply plug in a machine and not only get the smells out of the air, but as well walls and ceilings or anything else without touching it. You proved me wrong!
Peter Mahut, Property Manager
Brookfield Residential Management Services


While today everyone is facing difficult economic circumstances, the Odorox™ technology has provided significant relief to our present situation and paid for itself in a matter of a couple of months.
City 24 Condominium Trash Room


On a final note, I do some customer service consulting so from that perspective I
would say your customer service has been excellent. The equipment was hand delivered within days of the order. I have received multiple follow-up phone calls and emails. Thank you for your solid customer service.
Steve Noftle, President
Allpro Restorations Services


Both Mike and Tom are exceptional business colleagues. We look forward to working with them, and their
technology, long into the future. If any customers would like to contact u
s to discuss the product in more detail, Ali and I would be happy to speak with potential clients.
Mary O’Hara, President


With all the past doctor appointments, prescriptions and my time away from work, the Odorox machine is saving me the money I spent on the machine!!
Mary Nagel
Bismarck, ND


I can say with a great deal of confidence that the Odorox hydroxyl technology will eliminate these types of problems faster and with less disruption and at a lower cost than other previously available means .A big thanks to Odorox!
Peter S. Kimmel
, AIA, IFMA Fellow Publisher


I certainly will be asking other contractors to use this equipment in other claims involving odours. I’m confident that it works really well and the potential for saving money is huge
Canadian National Insurance Company


Your machine was very useful for sanitizing our air in all (common) areas including lounges and dining room. Our home was able to keep flu outbreaks at a very non existent level. We put the machine into resident’s room-who were showing signs of illness-and with in a couple of days all signs were diminished. Thank you all for keeping our air healthy and wishing you much success
Lisa Duncan, Marketing Coordinator
Lakeshore Place Retirement Residence


This was great since we had spaced sheathing with felt paper and hardwood above it. We were able to eliminate the odor without removing the floors! I believe you may have found the next “sliced bread”.
Johnathan B. Launder
Cousino Harris Disaster Cleenup


That machine was like a miracle! In my 20 plus years in Hotel operations I can say I have not come across anything quite like this.
Debbie Speziale, General Manager
Baymont Inn & Suites


We can show our house now without any worries. Our Great Room now truly smells ‘great’. We would recommend your company’s systems without reservation to anyone in a similar situation. I wish you and Odorox every success in the commercial and residential world.
Nicholas Maxheleau and Elizabeth Winter


Many thanks for the use of this machine, I am happy to share its success with our many branches across Canada and help to recommend your product.There is no doubt it looks like Hydroxyl generators and their effectiveness are the way forward.
Stuart Tilling, Operations Manager
Major National Canadian Restoration Firms


Thank you again for the opportunity to test your product on our smoking level.
Michael Regan, General Manager
Holiday Inn Express


Thank you once again for showcasing your technology in our facility!
Helen Miller


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