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All about Odorox and Hydroxyls

Story about Odorox Hydroxyl Generator by HGI
Hydroxyl Radicals In Our Atmosphere - An Animated Explanation

The Basic Science Behind ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generation
Differences between Odorox UV Air Purification Systems

Difference between Ozone and Hydroxyls
Indoor Air Pollution and Health

Indoor Air Pollution and Health


Testing Odorox Day One Contents
Testing Odorox Day Two Testing Odorox on Structure Fire Odor

Testing Odorox Day Three Testing Odorox on Structure Fire Odor
Odorox® HYDROXYL Generator

Home Use of Hydroxyls - A Personal Experience
Validating the Science - Persuasive Data Collection Under Strict Protocols

Odor Treatment Testimonial from Ask Amy Staging

News Reports

ABC News about Odorox Hydroxyl - Go Green, Save Green
CBS News Report


Hydroxyl Radicals and Smoke Damage Restoration Demo
Ruth's Chris Story Odorox Odor Removal

A Premier Disaster Restoration Client of ODOROX
Hydroxyl Generator Restoration
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