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How To Get Smoke & Fire Odor Out Of Home Items/Goods, The Best Way

Hi everyone and Alyssa here again with firehouse education. Just checking back in with you with another scenario that we are testing Odorox/Pyure, boss' XL 3 that I'm running. There's some items here that clean, beautiful, but they still have odor as a couple of cuckoo clocks and fans that were actually from the homeowner's grandmother. Some photo frames, things like that that I want to get odor out and they look beautiful. They came great and clean, but there is odor in it. So what I'm doing is we can put a zip wall there behind Kevin and the entry so that we got, we want a very intense concentration of the Odorox/Pyure because I'm willing to deodorize this stuff and just a very few hours. I don't want to have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get the odor out.

And I've also, as you'll notice, I have a dirty environment. I have not touched the structure. In fact, I still have a dirty couch here with the smoke and soot on it as well as the curtains that still have smoke and soot on them. And the floor, as you can see, I haven't even vacuumed. So I have a totally dirty environment and I'm testing this out to see how this is all going to smell and do in the morning. I've got all kinds of different fabric here. As I said, from the cuckoo clocks and the fans to the garment bag to wooden picture frames. They were actually brand new and they cleaned up great. But, they're actually in plastics, so we took them out plastic, it took like 10 minutes to clean them, but they smell, just like the fire. So we're going to put them in here overnight and see how it does. It's about seven o'clock at night. I'm going to be back in here in about 12 hours from now and I'm going to check them out and I'll check back with you guys and let you know how well the machine works.

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